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EXPO Centre XXI Prądzyńskiego 12/14                         Str. 01-222 Warsaw POLAND

parking  CAR PARKING
underground and open air around EXPO Centre XXI entrance from Prądzyńskiego Str.

Valid in the P1 car park.
Ordered at Exhibition Organizers Office (application form part B). Issued from September 4 (Wednesday) at the Organizer’s Office, taking place at EXPO XXI.

The card only works after ACTIVATION
in a parking machine at the entrance or exit before the start of the Exhibition (from Wednesday)

parking  FEE
95 zł netto
5-6-7 September + 4 September (gratis)
The card only works after ACTIVATION
in the parking machine at the entrance or exit before the Exhibition starts (on Thursday or Friday morning).


At parking lots around the Exhibition Halls (P1) it is FORBIDDEN to park cars over 3.5 t during the Exhibition.

The nearest parking lots for trucks are:
• P3 – unguarded, about 10 places – see map above,
• at Ordona 2a Str., guarded (advance booking required – phone +48 513 983 488).

parking  FEE (for 1 night stop)                                     Guarded car park at ul. Ordona:
• A truck up to 5 t – 36.60 PLN
• Truck above 5 t – 42.70 PLN

Unguarded parking (closed) P3:
• Truck – 70 PLN
• Truck + trailer – 140 PLN
• TIR – 200 PLN

car  FEE
5-6-7 September 2019
(days of the Green is Life exhibition)
6 PLN for first 2 hours,
8 PLN for each next one, no more than PLN 45

car  FEE
4 i 8 September 2019

(days of installation and dismounting of stands)
2 PLN for every hour (from the first four hours), 20 PLN for each next one.

Taken from the parking machine at the entrance to the parking lot in the EXPO XXI Center (P1).

The fee is collected in the booth at the EXPO exit or in the machines in the EXPO lobby and in the parking garage.

For car parks P2-P3-P4-P5 tickets are issued by a collector at the entrance.