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Picture Tomasz Max Kuczynski


Already as a boy I decided that flowers would be the major part of my private and professional life. I completed the first courses when I was 16 and ever since that time I have been seriously involved with floristry. In 2012, I graduated from Mariola Miklaszewska Academy of Floristry and participated in many courses done by Polish and foreign masters. I have studied fine arts and interior decoration. I have taken part in many competitions and organized many exhibitions. I do many courses and demonstrations all over Poland, which gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

My major achievements are:

  • The International Junior Champion of Poland in Floristry 2005/2006
  • The International Junior Champion of Poland in Floristry 2010/2011
  • 2nd European Junior Vice-Champion in Floristry 2011
  • 1st International Vice-Champion of Poland in Floristry 2012/2013
  • 2nd place at the International OASIS RAINBOW Cup 2012
  • 1st place at the Most Innovative Idea at Eurofleurs 2011
  • Champion of Poland 2014
  • In 2013 I became the official OASIS Ambassador in Poland
  • 4 place at European Florist championship in Genova
  • Floral Fundamentals ambassador

I have won numerous competitions in Poland.

My company, the Florysty Agency, deals with weddings and corporate contracts. I devote most of my time to do demos, courses, and workshops.

When I was 18 I attended a Gregor Lersch workshop. I still get inpired by his works. I admire him for his excellent technique, beautiful forms and the fact that he keeps shocking us again and again.  I am inspired by many florists. I like to watch interesting forms, color combinations, new techniques but I never copy… I am searching for my own way and want to present my own vision of floristry.

My plans for the future? I want to develop outside of my home country. Expressing emotions with flowers, meeting new people, and satisfaction with my creations are the sources of my positive attitude to life!