schermafbeelding-2016-10-10-om-14-35-50 (The Floral Agency) is the organizing party behind Flower Expo Poland. The agency was founded in 2013. We combine our extended knowledge of the horticultural sector with knowledge of marketing & communications. Many activities for traders and growers in the floral industry are based on consumer insights. We operate on a strategic, advising ad executive level.


The specialists that work with us have a track records at the Flower Council of Holland, Association of Dutch Flower Auctions and in the eventsector. Together we stand for quite extended experience and knowledge: we have knowledge about research, consumer segmentation, social media marketing, multichannel communications, customer experience and project management like organising tradeshows and events.


We have the ambition to connect growers and traders of flowers & plants from all over the world with the Polish importer, florist, DiY, supermarket and garden centers. Aim is to bring both sides in contact with each other to finally be able to grow the whole flowers-and plants market in Poland for the benefit of all and in particular the consumer.


The Polish consumer is going through a change process. The economy is promising, more than in other EU countries, the wages are going up and the Polish are now at a turning point where they can afford more (luxury) products. Their demand for year round color & green in their houses is increasing as well as their attention for home decoration in general.


And: a research we have executed in commission of the VGB amongst consumers in 8 European countries, shows that Polish are more than in every other EU country very fond of flowers & plants. As we love to compare numbers: the group of “Desintered”, people who do not have a feeling with flowers and plants, is 22% in Germany. In Poland it is only 2%!



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