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Exhibition organisers

AGENCJA PROMOCJI ZIELENI created in 1998 for promotion of nursery production and popularization of knowledge of plants and gardening culture in a society.

Our aim is to form the awareness of health, social, ecological, aesthetic and economic profits that come from surrounding oneself with plants in terms of region, town as well as garden, home, terrace or balcony. Our activities are also facilitating the cooperation and understanding between plant manufacturers and their recipients both in country and abroad.


POLISH NURSERYMEN ASSOCIATION is the association of tree, shrub and perennial as well as fruit plant manufacturers. Its main goals are:

  • representation and protection of interests of associated nurserymen,
  • promotion of greenery and plants as well as popularization of knowledge of trees, shrubs and perennials,
  • dissemination of modern production methods and knowledge needed for conducting a nursery the association of trees, shrubs and perennials as well as fruit plants manufacturers.

It is a member of the European Nursery Stock Association and partner for others operating in the greenery branch (Polish Association of Gardening Centers, Polish Association of Green Areas Contractors and Landscape Architects).