Successful second edition of Flower Expo Poland

The second edition of Flower Expo Poland took place from 31 August until 2 September at the Expo XXI, Warsaw. The expo was organised together and at the same time as Green is Life. The diversity of products and the extended side program have contributed to a successful fair with approximately 17.000 visitors, which is almost the same as the visitors amount in 2016. The feedback of exhibitors was mostly positive, especially due to the quality of visitors; many exhibitors have indicated to participate next year as well.


Visitors profile

The visitors amount of almost 17.000 consists of professionals as well as consumers since the expo was open for the end consumer on the last day. The amount of professionals counts 7.037. The visitors represented in total 40 countries. The floral hall was visited by 4.649 trade profressionals, so about 2/3 of the total of trade professionals are interested in flowers and indoor plants.


Participants Flower Expo Poland

In total 45 companies presented their product or service in hall 4, which is dedicated to Flower Expo Poland. The exhibitors represented countries such as Colombia, Holland, Kenya, Poland and Italy. It was remarkable that most of the participants rented more square meters compared to last year, more Dutch companies were represented and there was more attention of Polish companies. On the other hand, the interest of companies from Thailand and Kenya was less this year. The range of products was also more varied during the second edition of the expo. Beside individual participants there were two collectives, GREENN organised an Holland collective with ten participants and the Colombian collective was organised by Colviveros and consisted of five growers.


Side program

Visitors were able to attend floral demonstrations of well known floral designers: Tomasz Max Kuczynski from Poland, Roman Steinhauer from Russia, Zygmunt Sieradzan from Poland and Ahti Lyra from Estionia. Floral designer Johan Martens presented the latest flower trends in combination with a theoretical presentation of Aafje Nijman, trendwachter and creator of floral trends. The Polish florist association (SFP) organised flower battles, which gained many interaction of the visitors. Marc Eijsackers (director Flower Council Holland), Herman de Boon (chairman Union Fleurs), Monica Bebenek (Polish florist), Lukasz Krytowski (Polish Florist) and Natalia Slipinskia-Sowicka (psychologist) were this year part of the seminar program. Also 24 representatives of the national associations, which are member of the umbrella organisation Union Fleurs, attended the annual General Assembly organised at Flower Expo Poland.


Special projects

The floral demo area was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Plastiflora, GREENN, Victoria Floral Products. The selfie-wall which was positioned at the main entrance was realised with the support of the Dutch Embassy as well and the promotional organization Coloured by Gerbera.


Ambassadors & supporting partners

The expo was supported by the following ambassadors and supporting partners: the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw, SIGMA PR International, VGB, GREENN, Union Fleurs, Bloomtube, Plastiflora, Victoria Floral Products, Floral Moments and the Polish Florist Association (Stowarzyszenie Florystów Polskich).


Registration edition 2018

Registration is possible via +31 6 55 33 35 53 / +31 6 53 35 55 49 or

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