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The Polish growers association Zielen to Zycie and BureauSierteelt.nl cooperated last September for the first time. The growers association realised the exhibition “GREEN IS LIFE” (which focuses on gardenplants, horticulturel ad technology) this year for the 24th time to which The Floral Agency added a new hall: Flower Expo Poland, dedicated to the international flower and plant trade. Growers and exporters in the floriculture could present their company and products over there. This combination has been successful according to the enthousiastic responses and the numbers of visitors. The number of trade visitors increased by 8.5%.


Positive results

The number of trade visitors increased significantly by 8.5% to 7,468. The total number of visitors rose from 15.954 to 17.468. This is an increase of nearly 9.5%. This number consists of trade visitors ad consumers as on the third expo-day consumers are welcome too. The number of visitors is classified according to business category: the share of growers was 24.8%, landscape architects and contractors together 23.7%, the group Garden centers/DIY markets/Retailers/Wholesalers 17.49% and finally the category Florist/floristry/Floral designers of 8.3%. This means the latter had an increase of 569 individuals.


Participants Flower Expo Poland

In total 71 exhibitors participated in the new flower and plantenhall, representing 13 countries. The first reactions to the new exhibition are positive. A large number of exhibitors indicate wanting to rebook their stand for the next edition. The first reservations are already been made.


Side program

During the expo a side program was organized: a seminar programma ad floral demonstrations. Speakers were waren Kees van Rijn of Bart Kwiaty, Robert Roodenburg of the VGB, Marc Eijsackers of Flowercouncil of Holland and Theo Tiegelaar of Kenlog. The average number of visitors was 75. The floral demonstrations were completed by floral designers: Laura Belabrovik from Bellarus, Tomàsz Max Kuczyński, Jagoda Glowinska, Kinga Czekajewska en Iza Tkaczyk from Poland. Aafje Nijman of Bloomtube presented the Floral Trends of autumn and winter 2016. Johan Martens visiulaised her stroy by making arrangements and pot/plantcombinations.


Media results

On national television, in the program “Pytanie na Śniadanie” on TVP2, the expo has been an item for four times in which an especially designed Gerbera dress has drawn a lot of attention. The mediapartnerschips with Polish magazine has brought a lot of online ad print publicity. A report on media results is being made at this moment.


New tradeshow

In response to signals in the market BureauSierteelt.nl has the intention to create a platform in Poland for growers and traders of flowers and plants. Growers and traders expressed their interest in this promising market. Combining two tradeshows has advantages. Firstly, the support of local parties is essential to the creation of a new fair and secondly, the tradeshow GREEN IS LIFE, which is more focused on outside green has already been well established.


Partners & Ambassadors

The first edition of the exhibition was actively supported by the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw, Sigma International, Kuehne + Nagel, Bronisze Wholesale in Warsaw, Florint International Florist Organisation, the Polish Florists Association (Stowarzyszenie Florystów Polskich), Bloomtube, Chrysal and the Association of Wholesalers in Horticultural Products (VGB). 


Application edition 2017

The next edition of Flowr Expo Poland will take place from August 31th – September 2nd 2017.

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