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Rebellious and always looking for innovative solutions, step by step has created her own way in working with flowers.

Organically associated with the surrounding nature, drawing from it all inspirations.

She likes challenges. In her works you can see a disputes between modern art and design. She rarely expresses herself in objects, preferring  installations. Monika finds the same importance of classical forms of bouquets as of complex artistic executions, in her works she values the exceptional plant material connected to people emotions. She constantly develops her skills, lately in Norway studies Experimental Plant Design. Often invited to floristic events, artistic outdoor art sessions and Land Art festivals.

With Magdalena Birula-Białynicka has established floral school: Kwitnące Horyzonty (Blooming Horizons), where she shares her knowledge and positive energy, using unobvious methodical solutions. Here with joy she  observes growth of her students and graduates, supporting them also  in their own search.

She cooperates with many schools and floristic organizations in: Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus and with European organizations: Florint, Flornet. In Poland she cooperates with a School Collective: Jawor Medic Art.

Monika is an international judge in floristry, Master of Floristry, Vice Champion of Poland in floristry, examiner of the Regional Examination Board (OKE), Chairman of the Examination Board of Chamber of Craft in Opole, Ambassador of Woman Entrepreneurship.

She publishes in Floral Annual Art.


Seminar by Monika Bębenek and Łukasz Krytowski

THE FLOWER SHOP METAMORPHOSIS is an original, new initiative being part of the FLODRA project. After analyzing trends, needs and problems that flower shops are facing, Monika and Łukasz have prepared a  tailor-made, flexible solution – a well adjustable product. These days change is inevitable and people have to adjust to them. What they propose is to follow the changes and go/act with the flow – react flexibly to clients changing expectations and needs. The idea is not to stay behind. Do what you like to do, in harmony with yourself, but in an attractive and highly professional way.



  1. Different levels of professional support.
  2. Essential and emotional engagement.
  3. Expert solutions to real problems.
  4. Making use of tested ideas.
  5. Connecting beauty and utility, which gives attractive functionality.
  6. Experience and knowledge.

THE FLOWER SHOP METAMORPHOSIS is directed to different flower businesses – both small and big. It is for those that feel burnt out, feel lack of new ideas, energy. Those that are afraid of losing clients or want to change something, for those that would like to refresh their image, change the way their team works or try new assortment.


Authors of the project:

FLODRA is a project of cooperation defined by passion, common interest and the river Odra, connecting Opole and Szczecin, 2 cities that the authors come from. Distance does not matter, what counts is partnership.

Two florists connected by river and passion, whose experience and creativity speaks for itself – Monika Bębenek and Łukasz Krytowski.