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Marc Eijsackers


Consumer segmentation in the horticultural sector

The Flowercouncil of Holland will share the results of a recent research into segmentation of consumers in eight European countries. This research gives the horticultural sector insights about the behaviour of consumers regarding flowers and plants, why do they buy flowers and plants, for whom, when and what are their preferences towards shops, service and media. The managing director of the Flower council, Mr. Marc Eijsackers, will give the visitor answers to these kind of questions and explain how you can apply these useful insights for your own business in a special seminar on Friday 2nd September 2016 at 13-14 hrs.

Social Media in the horticultural sector

Being connected via social media is growing importance in the horticultural sector too. What are the outlooks for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? How can these social networks being successfully used for the benefit of individual companies? The managing director of the Flower council, Mr. Marc Eijsackers, share his knowledge and point of view on this topic during the seminar on Friday 2 September 2016 at 15-16 hrs.