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Name: Ahti Lyra
Country: Estonia
Date of birth: 20th March 1980
Place of residence: Tallinn, Estonia



  • 20 years of professional florist experience.
  • He successfully manages his own flower shop “Masha” in the heart of the Estonian capital city of Tallinn.
  • Founding member of the Estonian Florist Association (MTÜ Eesti Florist).
  • Organizer of Estonian florist championships and florist workshops.
  • Leading florist at Interflora Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.
  • Estonian representitive at Fleurop-Interflora World Cup 2015 in Berlin.
  • Award winner of  international and domestic florist competitions (ISBS challenge , Flower Dress, Nordic Women).
  • International floristry teacher, demonstrator and industry consultant.
  • Published author in many international florist books and magazines (w.g. bi-annual florist book International Floral Art, Japanese floral design magazine フローリスト, Russian professional journal Цветы, Belgian floral design magazine Fleur Creatif )



  • master florist, shop owner

Favourite flower:

  • cloudberry flower



Ahti Lyra is a highly talented Estonian florist from the land of twilight, snowstorms and Northern lights. He is a fresh breeze with his glacially sharp floral designs, unafraid of contrast and clear lines. He stands for modern creative shapes inspired by his background as a cold Nordic guy with a certain sense of spirituality. For the art-based design work, he tries to keep a distance from the wool-and-wire trend. For him, art is feelings that have been transformed into thoughts, and thoughts transformed into his works. For him, inspiration is everywhere – for example, in old books, in churches or historic graveyards, on trips around the world or simply when he drives through the beautiful Estonian countryside. He is a dedicated and hard-working florist who always aspires higher.